Tyre punctures are no more an issue with Air-Liner

Tyre punctures are no more an issue with Air-Liner, the ultimate insert for mtb tyres. Air-Liner is a foam-based insert for tubeless tyres designed for mountain bike riding. Re-usable and easy to set up, Air-Liner tyre insert protects the rim, increases the grip and prevents pinch flats. Advantages are countless:

  • Re-usable
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable - up to 2.000 km life span
  • Increased tyre and rim protection
  • Absorbs high-frequence vibrations - comfort increased

Vittoria Air-Liner tyre insert protects the rim thanks to the new-generation polymer is made with, which makes the insert very solid and elastic at the same time.

Air-Liner is available in multiple sizes:

  • Size S – Cross-Country / Marathon – from 1.9” to 2.25”
  • Size M – All Mountain / Enduro – from 2.3” to 2.5”
  • Size L – Enduro / Plus – from 2.6” to 2.7”
  • Size XL – Plus / Fat – from 2.8” to 4.0”

BUYAir-Liner can be used on both standard wheels and tubeless-ready wheels, with both tubeless tyres and tubeless-ready tyres, and with any type of sealant – preferably without ammonia. In addition, it fits any type of valve for tubeless. 

Although Air-Liner is made with a slighlty dense polymer, it is very resistant. This particular structure provides the insert with light weight without compromising on resistance and duration: Air-Liner tyre insert weight goes from 160 g to 220 g according to the size, and the product life cycle is 2,000 hours in normal conditions or one hour run-flat.



The Air-Liner: how to set-up tyre insert

Air-Liner comes as a tube with two continuous carvings – one at the top and one at the bottom of the tube – designed to make room for the air and sealant within, and to better support the tyre.
In the packaging, Air-liner comes with a zip tie to close the tube on the rim. As the Vittoria Air-Liner length always exceeds the wheel diameter, you need to cut the edges of the tube according to the size of the rim (you can use a cutter for this processes). After that, you need to make two holes – one for each extremity of the tube – and insert the zip tie in the two through holes (you can use a screwdriver for making the holes). Beside this, the mounting of the Air-Liner is not too different from the one of inner tubes. To facilitate the mounting even more, we suggest lubricating the insert with some water.


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