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Today's destination is the "Queen of the Dolomites" a trip to the top of the Marmolada glacier, starting from Alta Badia, in this case from the village of La Villa at the Hotel Antines from which we will start our journey crossing the ski area Arabba, then Pass Padon up to Malga Ciapela.

The trip will be a memorable experience today, both for the infinity of beautiful scenery that we will have the chance to admire but especially to the ski slopes which we will cross, and to say the least, so exciting.

We start from La Villa in Alta Badia with the cable car that leads us to Piz la Ila, passing by the renown Refuge Moritzino and already here our goal is introducing itself before our eyes in all its glory.
Decided, we choose to reach Pass Campolongo crossing the Pralongià and Mount Cherz. Another alternative would be to go down to Corvara and climb up to Boè, but we want to greet the pilots of the Heliteam service that will accompany us on the following days in a Heligourmet adventure and then all to the “pista del Sole“ and the Refuge Pralongià!

Left our friends we continue towards Pass Campolongo and then we go up to the Refuge Bec de Roces to reach the town of Arabba.
Many innovations we encounter, but one of all makes the trip more comfortable ... the comfy chair lift Arabba Fly makes us literally fly over the village of Arabba, bringing us to the cable car to Porta Vescovo.
From here we take "the eggs" (cable car) and go down to the middle station to reach the Pescoi area and then Pass Padon.
Marmolada is getting even closer, so then down along a path through Pass Fedaia with its frozen lake, until we reach Malga Ciapela.

Photo 360 ° from the rooftop terrace of Marmolada. Click and drag to rotate the image

Suggested itinerary to the discovery of the Queen of the Dolomites
The Marmolada glacier, departing from the village La Villa in Alta Badia 

We take the three sections of the cable car that takes us to the top. At the second though we stop to visit the magnificent Museum of the Great War, and we do not lose the opportunity to enjoy a good coffee at the panoramic refuge.
Ready to go, the last ascent and we are there… on top of the Queen of the Dolomites 3265 mts!
We climb to the rooftop terrace and we are breathless contemplating the beauty of the 360-degree panorama.
The fun isn’t finished yet, now it is the turn of one of the most incredible and longest rides of the Dolomiti Super Ski, the descent from the top for not less than12 km ...not bad eh ;)

Now we really deserve a good lunch ... the booking has already been taken care of. We will be on time.
Returning to La Villa will be an equally wonderful journey, going back along the path on the slopes that just before we had seen from above.
An experience that will give you unforgettable memories!

Essentials: DolomitiSuperski ski pass for skiing in different areas of the circuit.
Recommended: Check local weather conditions to choose the best possible time and snow cover, as the journey will take the whole day.
And of course a good camera to capture views and unique moments ;)
Level: suitable for those who have reached a good level of ski technique to move easily through the districts. ( "Good parallel" even on red slopes).
Duration: Full day, starting early in the morning and returning at the closure of the ski lifts.

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