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• Would you like to start skiing but you are afraid of not being able to?
• Do you know how to ski but do you feel you cannot control new or steep slopes?
• Have you suffered injuries so you need to regain trust and confidence in ski practice?

The skidifferent ski courses are designed to be tailored to your needs and guide you with particular sensitivity to the increase of personal safety in the management of movements and equipment.
With skidifferent the training is literally sewn on increasing the quality of the results obtained.


With the help of a skilled professional in the snow world, the little skiers can discover the wonderful Dolomitian world, in a friendly and fun way, with no time and slope limits and adapting the teaching to the needs of your holiday and the rhythms of your children.
Skidifferent is desire for new educational experiences through a learning process among the most special and fun of alpine sports. Unique sensations that only this activity can give, immersed in one of the most beautiful ski carousels in the world.

With skidifferent the training is literally sewn on by increasing the quality of the results obtained. 

We will perform many multi-finality motor experiences.
Motivating activities aimed at acquiring security in the management of the material, personal independence, better control of movements and performance enhancement.

The creative development of motor skills, of new balances, of the management of one's body, the speed of execution of technical gestures in different terrains, concentration, cooperation, creativity, imagination, orientation in the territory, respect for rules and much more, will be essential tools for our little athletes to evolve as their body changes, in this, and not only, wonderful sport.


Do you want to improve your skiing technique and, at the same time, use the most suitable material for your performance on the snow? Through skidifferent ski courses you will be guided in a personalized way to achieve these goals. 

• Highly personalized Ski Training to structure the best development program
• Multifinality exercises and motor activities aimed at gaining better control of movements and performance enhancement
• Refinement of the technical gesture. 
• Advice and selection of the most suitable material to achieve the objectives. 

Being guided by a Ski Instructor, professional in the snow world, will fully immerse you in this wonderful world of the Dolomites, without the time and slope limits, adapting the teaching to your needs and rhythms in the best possible way.

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